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We know that the most important part of helping you be great is to put you in front of great potential customers.

So that’s exactly what we do.

Why We’re a Better Lead Generator, Period.

We saw the pitfalls in the way lead generators operate – the sale of a single lead to several vendors, the lack of filtering to ensure valid lead contact information, and difficult or no support for bad leads. So we chose to do things wildly differently, with the success of our vendors as our top priority. Since we launched about 3 years ago, we have generated over a million leads and we’ve been a proud partner for vendors who seek higher quality leads and a lead generator they can build a genuine relationship with.

Based in Miami, Florida, we stand behind every lead we generate for our various industry partners, ensuring quality and guaranteeing work for your business.



Our lead acquisition is highly targeted, and
our front-end and back-end filtering systems mean leads
are legitimate people.


No more competing with other vendors over the same lead; a lead generated for you is yours and yours alone. We don’t sell the same lead twice.


If a lead doesn’t meet our quality standards, we will replace that lead for a fresh one so you never spend money on a bad lead.


We only accept vendors that have been referred by other professionals in our network, to ensure we only service respected partners.

Why we’re different

We don’t believe that you should have to compete with other companies over the same lead. We offer exclusivity for our customers, so generated leads are guaranteed to be new and for you alone.

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“We’ve worked with just about every lead source we’ve come across at some point & The Solution HQ is one of the few that we maintain a consistent relationship with. They provide solid leads included with any needed training & materials, and they never hesitate to promptly provide replacements if a resource comes back with bad contact info ”

Simon Arias

President/State Director, American Income Life Arias Agencies


Dozens of clients have made us their preferred lead generator since we launched The Solution HQ, and we currently provide high-quality leads to the following industries (and counting.)

The Free Will Kit Webpage


Replace life insurance leads that don’t remember signing up, provided bad phone numbers, or aren’t good candidates for your products by discovering the lead that is simply better.

Free Home Pinsepctions Home Page


Our direct insurance lead The Plan Ahead Kit aims to connect parents looking to lock in childhood life insurance rates for their children with trusted agents. It’s an easier pitch for agents and a much easier lead to convert.

how leads work

If you have never outsourced your lead generation it might be daunting to begin. But according to Fearless Competitor, outsourcing lead generation can see 43% better results than traditional in-house generation. Over 60% of marketers rank lead generation as their #1 challenge. So leave it in our hands, save yourself the challenge and depend on experts to help you reach more potential customers.

What Exactly Are Leads?


Leads are very simply potential customers, and unlike with other lead generators that send you generic contact lists, our leads are already interested in hearing from you about your services.

How Do we Get leads

Our leads are acquired using targeted ads and landing pages that attract users looking for a specific service. So we tailor the lead audience to the unique service you offer.

How Can You Use Leads?

By reaching out to leads that are already interested in what you have to offer you have a much higher chance of converting those people into customers.

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